Add 82°, 90°, or 100° countersinks in your panel. The dimensions we need to know are inner diameter, outer diameter, degree, XY locations, and the front/back designation. We will be in touch shortly after your order is placed to confirm these details. Adding countersinks increases the lead-time by 1 business day.

Prototyping Efficiency

Avoid double tooling charges and benefit from the lower costs of a full run production company by running your prototype through Front Panel Creator and then transitioning your final design to our sister company, Precision Graphics, for your full production runs. Click here for more details.

Dimensions & Tolerances

Our pricing tool can resize your DXF or STP cut file following Imperial and Metric standards. We process parts up to 46″ x 22″. Each part will be held to a +/- 0.005″ tolerance.

Subsurface Printing

Subsurface printing is when the ink is applied to the second surface (the back) of a material. This protects the ink from abrasion, chemicals, and everyday use. It allows the surface of the overlay to be cleaned easily without damaging the graphics underneath. For demanding outdoor graphic applications we offer a fine matte weatherable HP12W […]

Graphic Overlays

Your graphic overlay will be printed sub-surface on clear 0.010″ thick Lexan (polycarbonate). Overlays are digitally printed with incredible quality and resolution. A selection of top surface finishes are available which include velvet gloss, velvet matte, and a fine matte HP12W which is weatherable. After printing, overlays are bonded to their sub-panels using 3M MP467 […]


Your sub-panel will be manufactured of 5052 Aluminum, chosen for its durability, strength, and corrosion resistance. Select from the following gauges: 0.040″, 0.050″, 0.063″, 0.080″, 0.090″, 0.100″, and 0.125″

Complete Panel Manufacturing

Front Panel Creator exists to make complete panel manufacturing simple and fast. We use your DXF or STP cut file to manufacture both the rigid sub-panel and graphic overlay. Both layers of your panel will have excellent registration because they are both manufactured in-house here at Front Panel Creator.

Use your own software

In addition to excellence, we value efficiency. Learning a new software for a single aspect of your product is not efficient. Avoid doubling your work load and use the software you already own to export a simple DXF or STP cut file for our pricing tool.

Instant Pricing

Our pricing tool provides a real-time purchase price for your part. You can see live updates to prices based on material selection, add-on hardware, countersinks, and quantity…then order your parts immediately!